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How it’s like having a partner in crime…

When 2017 came in, it definitely entered with a bang. Aside from the countless blessings I got from left to right for my blog Instagram, Jeff and I made our relationship official as partners in crime. You all know how my past relationship went and how it made me stronger. As I moved forward, Jeff was beside me the whole process. To give you a brief backstory, Jeff and I met through Facebook. He saw me in one of those “Suggested Friends” corner and decided to add me up and message me with “hey” and the rest followed.

In our early stage of relationship, we noticed how balanced we were as a couple. Jeff is a freelance photographer and graphic designer; on the other hand, I was doing all sorts of marketing and social media stuff for different brands aside from blogging. Apart from being a normal couple, we decided to collaborate and do creative works for the clients we had on-hand. Combining our skills together, we catered small brands in creating their logos, brand kit, product shoots, lookbook, social media and PR management.

One of the successful collabs we had would be the product shoot we did for Stührling. Stührling is an American watch brand inspired by Swiss watch-making artistry. Our job was to do a clean lookbook and product shoot and I assisted Jeff with the styling and art direction. Working with Jeff doesn’t really feel like work at all. We both make sure that we enjoy and love what we do without veering away from our individual personalities. It’s been a fun adventure with him lately and I can’t wait to share more of our works together with you soon!

Photos by Jeff Ong


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    March 14, 2017

    I love this watch very much.

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    Augustin Ra

    March 27, 2017

    Wow. Nakakakilig naman!!! ?

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