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Nighties for outdoors? why not!

Eywear from SUNNIES / Dress from FRONTROWSHOP / Bag from ABBY JOCSON / Shoes from PIEDIERRANTI

I honestly felt short with this supposed to be “knee-length” dress from FRONTROWSHOP. Nevertheless, I still love the design and its texture. I’ve always wondered how I’ll look like if I’d wear a “nighties” piece outdoors. The feeling was awkward at first, but as I was doing this shoot with Bella Morcen I really felt comfy and relaxed. It was then I understood why nighties became part of the trends as being a perfect outfit for outdoors as well. But what’s my secret behind feeling comfy and relaxed? having the confidence of looking great despite the fact that the dress was somewhat too lengthy for me. LOL!

Photos by Bella Morcen of The Creative People

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