When In La Union

What makes La Union my favorite weekend getaway?

If you follow me on my social media accounts especially on Instagram, you would know how often I visit La Union. Ever since I started traveling by bus, I realized how easy it was to get to La Union just by taking the Partas bus in Cubao.

La Union is my favorite weekend getaway destination because I find everything in peace and order. Knowing that I’m at the beach, it gives me a sense of serenity which helps me have a clear mind and perspective on a lot of things.

Whenever I’m in La Union, I’d usually get myself an affordable place to stay like a bunk bed or a hammock in hostels. But when I visit with a bunch, I’d recommend getting a villa in Kahuna Resort since it can fit everyone and it’s cheaper when you stay with a big group.

Kahuna Resort makes a perfect home for the weekend since they have huge rooms, private pools and great view of the beach. And yes, they have countless ootd spots and Instagram worthy corners! To book a room, you can visit their webiste: kahunaresort.com and like them on Facebook: facebook.com/KahunaBeachResortandSpa. To spot them, type in Kahuna Hotel, Cafe and Restaurant, National Highway, Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union 2514 on waze.

If you’re traveling to La Union past midnight, you might want to chill and grab a drink or two in Kahuna Makati Bistro. They have huge servings and unique dishes made for a traveler’s appetite.

Aside from having a nice place to stay in La Union, what I love the most when I’m visiting would be the line of good bar and restos around the area. Since my friends and I usually pick coffee over alcohol (lol), we always make sure to visit El Union which is a few walks away from Kahuna Resort. If you happen to be in La Union too, make sure to check them out and try their flat white coffee, chocolate chip cookie skillet and s’mores!

La Union may be a small surfing town, but it definitely has a big place in my heart. Whenever I find myself stressed and lost in the city, the vibes I get in La Union is like my antidote. It’s more than just a place for me to chill and get good photos. It’s where I find myself again.