My Top 2017 Planners

As plans pile up this 2017, let your planner do the job to keep you on track.

As weird as it may sound, I’m a confessed notebook & planner hoarder. If you’re wondering what I usually do to all of them, well I do use some and others serve as display. My most used would be planners since I NEED to note down all of my plans, events and appointments. This is the best way for me to remember everything since I sadly have a poor memory.

Before 2016 ended, I made sure I got my hands on my favorite planners for 2017.

To start off, Starbucks’ 2017 planner bags the 1st spot for my fave list. I personally like the pouch and the minimal approach on the page’s prints. Among the 2 design options, I chose this coffee stained design over the teal and gold one because I find this more classic. Aside from the pouch, the Starbucks 2017 planner comes with stickers, magnetic bookmark and erasable pen.

How to avail? Simply collect 18 stickers (9 holiday drinks and 9 normal drinks). If you wish not to collect stickers, you may still avail the planner with a single receipt purchase of P7,000.

Next to the Starbucks planner would be the Giving Journal 2017 by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Their planner comes in 4 different colors. Last year I got a purple planner from them and this year, I got a pink one. This makes a perfect “meeting with a client planner” because of it’s sleek cover design. I also love the layout and design per page however I find the whole planner a little bulky and hard to carry around.

If you wish to avail, you can collect 12 stamps at any CBTL branch. For every planner redeemed, you give a little help to the scholars of the REAL LIFE FOUNDATION. Not bad, right?

Next on the list would be the Everything is Possible Planner by Viviamo! Inc. I find this planner very helpful since it comes off like a self-help planner already. This planner will definitely influence you to simply your life and create simple goals that you can easily achieve every single day.

To avail, you can order at for only P598.

Another planner that can help you focus more would be the Focus 2017 Journal by Viviamo! Inc. I’m guessing the reason why this was called “Focus Planner” was because it comes with extremely minimal layout and design. It also has motivational messages per month dividers.

To order, visit and get this planner for only P450.

One of the most popular planner from the Viviamo! Inc. would be their 2017 Belle de Jour Power Planner. This planner comes in a gray leather cover with over P40,000 worth of coupons that you can enjoy the whole year. I find this planner very colorful, girly and full of cute artworks.

If you wish to avail one, visit and get this planner for the price of P598 – P680.

Bonus if you’re still reading until this part, you can get an exclusive 20% off on a minimum purchase of P2,000 when you use the code VIVIPARTNERS2017 before you checkout at until January 31, 2017 only.

Finally; if you want a slimmer planner, I recommend Plains and Prints’ 2017 Planner.

The page layout includes a simple monthly overview and simple day to day planning. I’m not 100% sure if their planners are still available though. But for more details on how to avail, visit

Last but not the least, the 2017 Wrangler Travel Planner. I think this planner is perfect for the travelers since it’s very sleek and handy. The brown leather cover also gives you a passport-travel vibe which would really convince you to make it part of your journey. This planner comes in a refillable quarterly planning booklets with passion-inspired page layouts.

To score your own copy, simply secure a P4,000 single-receipt purchase of Wrangler regular-priced items. Easy, right?

That wraps up my top 2017 planner list. I hope this post would somehow help you decide which planner to get this year 2017. And if you already have one, which planner did you get? Share it on the comment section below!

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