Today, #InThesePants.

MEMO now balances their “seriousness” with a new line of fashionably elevated casual pants for both men and women.

Wearing: Top from RIPPLES by JENNY / Bag from SM SHOES and BAGS / Pants from MEMO / Shoes from BUCKETFEET PH

MEMO has been one of my “go-to” places when it comes to smart-casual outfit pieces. It’s actually where I get most of work clothes from. This time, I’m really surprised and happy to know that they’ve finally launched their new line of casual pants. Since my body structure is very petite, I got one of MEMO’s skinny pants since I basically want my pants to fit perfectly and make me look more tall and sexy at the same time. haha! So if you’re looking for a stretched-skinny pants, I suggest you check their new casual pants out and I’m pretty sure you’ll love the fit as much as I do!

For more information, visit MEMO at

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