How surviving was like on the first few weeks.

First week has been the toughest. After quitting my agency life, it felt good knowing I’ll have more time for rest and recreation. On the latter days, being overly available took a toll on me. I guess I wasn’t used to having so much time on my hand and that made me feel frustrated. Working immensely for the past 3 years in a digital agency while keeping up with my personal career as a blogger was crazy yet fruitful. I treasure the things I learned throughout those years since it made wiser and smarter in life and digitally.

Onto my struggles as a freelancer, things went shaky and blurry as to whether I was getting this part-time job as a marketing associate or not. I was promised to get the job before I left my agency work but the time when I was about to start with them, they just didn’t seem interested anymore. When I got the vibe, I got more frustrated. During that moment, I felt like my plans failed and everything was falling apart. Aside from that missed opportunity, I also lost the person I was holding on to during my awful days. This was the worst struggle I ever had to date. The pain was unbearable that I had to lose myself for a while. I honestly wasn’t prepared for everything that happened to me the past weeks. And so, here I am trying to fix whatever fell short and was broken. Things are still difficult especially with a heavy heart but surrounding myself with positive things and people keeps me motivated to push myself.

As days went by, things fell in the right places again. I got a call from the part-time job I applied for and they wanted to reconsider things. Other than that, another company also wants to work with me per project basis as a consultant. Not to mention that my friends and I are still working on our small firm as well. My plate is getting full again and I can’t imagine how I would ever survive my struggles without the help of my friends and of course my mom. At the end of the day, your struggles will make you much stronger in the future.