Picturesque Spots in Chateau Royale

The perfect #ootd spots in a 100+ hectares hotel resort spa in Batangas!

Ever since Jeff and I started traveling together, we developed the mutual love of taking photos of each other and discovering new places at the same time. During travels; as much as we can, we make the most out of it and we make sure we maximize our stay.

During our stay in Chateau Royale for our monthsary, we made sure that we were getting the rest that we’ve been longing for but making sure that we still have a productive stay at the same time. If you love to travel with your boyfriend too and you happen to be just around Batangas, here are reasons why you should visit and stay in Chateau Royale.

1. Private Cabin for that “I woke up like this” look

Aside from the private cabins, they also have share rooms for big groups or a room in their hotel. Since Jeff and I are used to the usual hotel room, we opted to stay in one of their cabins. Inside the cabin, we got our own queen sized bed, a small living area, own bathroom and a cute veranda to give a very country vibes to your #ootd.

2. Outdoor Activities for your “Chic & Sporty” look

Chateau Royale is definitely not your average hotel / resort / spa. Maximizing their land ownership, they literally placed a big rock inside their premises so their customers can enjoy a beginners to expert rock climbing experience. Aside from rock climbing, you can also rent a bike or ATV and drive around, have a quick trek and #ootd in the forest or face your fear of heights by trying out their zipline! If you’re up for an outdoor adventure, make sure to pack your active wear with you!

3. Wave pool for your “Summer Ready” look

Probably the most exciting and challenging place for you to take your #ootds when the waves are present! If you feel like you want to level up your #ootd, wear your best swimsuit and make sure that you won’t get any wardrobe malfunctions with it when you flaunt it in their huge wave pool!

P.S. Make sure to visit their view deck at night. You can dine there while you star gaze or enjoy the fresh cold breeze of Batangas.

4. Forest & golf area for that “Countryside” look

Chateau Royale has an hour trek for those who loves to explore the forest / the unknown. They also have a big space for horse back riding (ride with caution). Outfit reccos? Make sure to wear comfy jeans, sneakers and lose shirt. If you’re feeling extra fashionista, you can wear short shorts and a blouse just make sure to apply mosquito repellant to keep yourself protected and free from bug/mosquito bites!

5. Sultry wet look inside Neola Spa

This is one of my favorite spots in the area. We were really astonished by the indoor pool! It looked so majestic and the water is freezing! It’s the perfect place for relaxation & recreation. Aside from the usual massage service, you can try their sauna, steam and have a quick dip in the pool before having your actual message. Basically covering all your relaxation needs!

These are my top 5 favorite spots to shoot in Chateau Royale. If you wish to discover more places, book your stay now! Visit or follow them on IG: @chateauroyalebatangas

For their rates, see photo below

Special thanks to Uncle Cheffy’s for the lovely dinner and for accommodating us. I recommend their bulalo! It’s extremely good!!!


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