A New Hostel In Town

This place really went beyond my expectations!

3/3 of my whole Lub’d experience, I’m gonna rate 5 stars to everything for the first time!

1/3: Before we dive in to the newly opened Lubd branch in Makati, let’s take a few travels back. My first Lubd experience was in Cambodia. Knowing this was a sponsored trip, I thought I was going to share rooms with a fellow blogger the whole trip. To my surprise, they gave us our own rooms the whole trip!

To give a quick view on how our Cambodia trip went, watch my short vlog below!

2/3: After our adventure in Siem Reap Cambodia, we flew to Thailand. First stop was at Phuket Patong to enjoy the tropical vibes and of course get to stay at Lubd Phuket Patong branch.

This is my favorite Lubd so far! I enjoyed having the deluxe room + hammock to myself! The room was really spacious and clean. This branch was designed according to where it was located. Hence all the tropical prints and colors found in this hotel.

Second stop, Bangkok! To give us a more city vibes, we got to be part of the legit hostel community. The Lubd Silom branch was one of their oldest branch and the people who stay their were mostly backpackers or transient travelers. Rooms were mostly dorm types and bathrooms were communal.

To get a clearer view of my Thailand experience, watch my short vlog below!

3/3: For the final leg, our Lubd experience wouldn’t be complete without getting to try to stay at their newly opened Makati branch! Their rooms were clean as usual although the designs were really different from the other Lubd branches we stayed at. The designs in their Makati branch were more modern and chic! Aside from their rooms, you may also enjoy their different activities per day, unli popcorn, billiards, arcade and board games!

Lubd is more than just a typical hostel for me. They’ve really set a standard for hostels. Honestly, I think their place and service is very hotel like but the community or the people staying at their properties makes it feel like a community hence it gives off that hostel vibes.

To book your stay at any Lubd branch, visit www.lubd.com! Check their Instagram @lubdhostel for more updates!


  1. Reply

    Miguel Bayla

    March 10, 2018

    I always love this kind of blog because it gave me an idea where to spend my time whenever I want a hotel vacation (if that is the right term 😂)

  2. Reply

    Miguel Bayla

    March 10, 2018

    I always love this kind of blog because it gave me an idea where to spend my time whenever I want a hostel vacation (if that is the right term 😂)

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    March 13, 2018

    Gorgeous shots, Rhea! And the hostel is a standout above the rest. They look cozy and clean – two factors one should look for in a hostel. Glad they have one in the Philippines na rin. Would definitely check them out when I go back to Cambodia or Bangkok. 🙂


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