My Beauty Diary: Keeping My Skin Moisturized!

My thoughts on My Beauty Diary and how it keeps my skin moisturized.

Whenever I post tight shots of my skin on Instagram, I always get compliments on how nice my skin looks like. A lot of you have been asking me what my secret was. Aside from a few of my holy grail beauty products that I use on daily basis, this secret I’m about to spill today contributed so much to how my skin looks like now.

My Beauty Diary is the #1 face mask brand in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. True to what it claims, it’s definitely the best face mask I’ve tried so far! You may have storm of questions in your head right now, so let me break down everything in details to hopefully answer every query you have in mind.

How did you discover My Beauty Diary?
Honestly a lot of my beauty blogger friends has been telling me about it and gushing over the product. When I heard it being the #1 face mask, then it triggered me to try it myself. Thankfully, My Beauty Diary is literally everywhere since it’s available across 1,300 7-Eleven stores in Luzon!

How often do you use My Beauty Diary?
I use it twice a week or whenever I feel like using it especially when my skin is super dry and dull.

Do they have any other variant for My Beauty Diary?
Yes they do! They have it in black and pink. The black variant (Black Pearl Mask) focuses more on optimal whitening, brightening & moisturizing. The pink variant (Arbutin Brightening Mask) is for whitening and radiant, firm and smooth.

I personally like the black variant (Black Pearl Mask) since I want my skin to look brighter and moisturized especially on days when I’m super stressed. The black variant has the hydrating formulation with deep sea Red algae and Malvasykvestris extract that provides immediate relief to dry skin. Hence whenever I feel like my skin is dull, I use this product to make it more brighter!

What are your personal thoughts on the product?

  • I love how calming it feels whenever I use the face mask.
  • It doesn’t have a strong scent that would make me feel dizzy while waiting for the product to settle on my skin.
  • It’s VERY AFFORDABLE since it’s only around Php 89 per sachet.
  • I never had breakouts when I use the product. P.S. My skin type is oily-combination.
  • It instantly makes my skin moisturized after applying it on.

Will you recommend the product?
OF COURSE YES! The face mask is very light on the skin and it doesn’t only make your skin look beautiful but it also repairs your skin. Plus it’s very affordable and easy to purchase!

If you still have more questions that I haven’t answered, feel free to drop them below and I a guarantee you i’ll answer back!

November 17, 2018

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