Japan Photodiary

Probably the best travel and out of the country experience I’ve ever had.

Every year our office gives us an incentive trip and last April we all went to Japan. This is a very memorable trip for me since it happens to be my first out of the country trip. Luckily the weather wasn’t that cold yet so I didn’t have any problems with packing too much. Although during our stay, I wore 2-3 layers of clothes thus I got to take tons of #ootds in just one day.

Most of my friends tell me that Japan is an expensive country to visit. With my “on-a-budget” travel experience, I survived Japan with ¥90,000 for 5 days. How? Read my personal tips below:

1. Don’t shop on your first day.
2. Make sure to scout the place for cheap finds and
compare prices from one store to the other as much as possible.
3. Prepare a list of your “must buys” to avoid overspending and impulse buying.
4. Take trains or walk as much as possible.
5. Wear comfortable shoes for long walks in Japan.
6. Separate your budget for meals and for shopping.
7. If you love chocolates, get Royce. It costs around ¥750 in the airport.
8. If you’re a sneaker head, check out ABC or Atmos for cheap but legit NIKE, Addidas, New Balance, etc.
9. If you’re an artsy one, visit Tokyu Hands.
10. For cosmetics and skin care products, visit Odakyu and Ainz & Tulpe.

If you want to see more of my Japan trip photos,
check out #jaFUN or follow me on Instagram @iamthedoll.


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    June 15, 2015

    Japan is definitely one of my must-visit countries now!! Your trip looked so fun <3

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    June 15, 2015

    Ayu's A one billboard on top! Had to pass this year's trip for another pile of work T_T

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