Instant Pedi At Home!

Why waste your time going to nail salons to have a foot spa when you can have it at home in just a few

Going to nail salons to have our weekly manicure and pedicure has been the usual date routine for me and my mom. This time, I get to save more money and time by doing everything on my own at home with the help of Scholl. Before I jump into the details of how Scholl works, let me first share a few reasons why our feet develop hard skin or calluses.

1. Our choice of footwear can also affect the condition of our feet’s skin. Wearing comfortable
shoes is a must!
2. Poor foot care. Applying lotion or cream daily can help soften skin.
3. Long and frequent walks.

Now if it’s too late and you’ve already developed hard skin around your feet, don’t worry because finally Scholl is here to treat and soften your feet’s skin in just a few minutes.Scholl has a specially-designed Micralumina roller head for effective yet gentle removal of hard skin.

How to operate Scholl?
1. Clean feet and prepare device
2. Switch and roll on
3. Continue until feet feels smooth
4. Rinse and apply cream

Note: Product is for DRY feet only.

Have I tried it? YEEEESSSS! I actually use it once a week to make sure I keep my feet smooth and gentle to touch. I really find it easy to use since I’d usually use it after I shower to make sure my feet is clean.

What do I think about it?
Definitely worth it! It makes feet look and feel great and I even saved more since I don’t need to do weekly foot spas elsewhere and shell out money for that service. It may feel ticklish at first but once you get that hang of it, you’ll realize how easy and fast it is to buff away the hard skin on your feet.

How much does it cost?
Well basically it’s almost just the price of 8 manicure and pedicure session on nail salons. This
electronic foot file is just around Php1,685.00 (batteries included) and the refill is just around P550 (2 replacement roller heads). With this price, you get up to 80% savings from Scholl at the convenience of your home and you can get a beautiful smooth skin after 1 use. You get to save time, effort
and most importantly – MONEY!

Where to find and buy Scholl?
Scholl is available in selected Watsons stores. For more details, follow them at


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    August 17, 2015

    Good health product, thank you for share it 🙂

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    Taipei Style

    August 17, 2015

    Good review!


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