How To Be A #SelfieExpert

Find out the tricks to taking more than just yourself in selfies!

Oftentimes when people hear the word “selfie” they think of narcissism. Selfies for me means collecting of memories especially when I travel solo and obviously no one is there to take my photos.

Hence, today I’ll be sharing my hacks to taking more memorable selfies.


Best selfies are results of perfect lighting! The best time and place for me to take selfies would be outdoors around 8 AM and 5-6PM. At those times, you will get less harsh light from the sun.


Scenic or dramatic backdrop works and makes your photo more memorable. Personally I like taking selfies with busy background over a plain backdrop because it adds more story to my selfie. Don’t you agree? 🙂


Sometimes extra add-ons to your selfies like filters make your selfies look more fun! Aside from the different filters readily available in OPPO F3, Beautify 4.0 is also available to make your selfie look more flawless.

Photo taken using OPPO F3’s front camera in 120-degree wide-angle camera mode

Luckily with OPPO F3’s 120-degree Wide-Angle Camera, you can now take groufies effortlessly! Sometimes selfies are better shared than solo, right? When I travel with my special someone, I make sure we also get to take selfies together to make my memory box more memorable!


Of course last but not the least, perfect selfies wouldn’t be possible without a trusty smartphone that gives high quality selfies! I like OPPO F3 because of it’s 16 Megapixel front camera and it also has dual front cameras. With that said, I think it needs no further explanation to why OPPO F3 is the #SelfieExpert!

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November 27, 2017

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    November 8, 2017

    Awesome tips, Rhea! I also love taking selfie photos and no one should ever compare taking a “selfie” to being a narcissist. Definitely one of the things I noticed in your photos… Ang ganda ng kilay mo! Hehe 😀


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