Going to a Wedding Abroad? What to Wear on the Big Day

If you’re heading abroad for a wedding anytime soon, you might be needing some tips on wedding etiquette. It might seem like a minefield, but as long as you keep it classy and don’t opt for an all-white outfit then you should be more than fine. It’s important to have fun in picking your outfit and be confident in wearing it – it’s for a celebration, after all! So worry about your outfit, but not too much.

Toned down, but elegant
Firstly, it is very important to tone down your look a little so the bride can be the star of the day, but this does not mean you should go for a totally sober look – quite the contrary. It is perfectly fine to wear sequins and glitter on your outfit, but keep this for the evening party and not the ceremony.

Get your hair done to match your dress
Secondly, having a great hairdo will complement the rest of your dress. ELLE magazine has recently listed the best wedding hairstyles of 2013 for some inspiration: our favourites are definitely Kirsten Dunst’s soft, textured updo with a cute headband and Drew Barrymore’s pumped-up French Twist. The latter works especially well with a classy outfit during the night, whereas Dunst’s hair fits a floral look for the day.

Find your perfect dress
And lastly, your invitation should tell you what the dress code for the wedding is: if it’s a formal dress code, this means that wedding etiquette should be followed at all times. This also means that you should not wear any white, that longer dresses will be a better bet and that any fancy accessories such as gloves and diamonds are highly encouraged.

When the dress code is informal (or is semi-formal), you’ll have the freedom to wear what you like in any colour. Tunic dresses, skater dresses and especially tea dresses, reminiscent of the beautiful ones women wore in the ’30s and ’40s, will all be good choices. You can find a number of affordable cute tea dresses on New Look, and these will look great matched with T-bar kitten heels or ballet pumps.

April 26, 2013

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