Germ free with Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers

Staying healthy is my only option these days.

Living a freelance life has been a very challenging experience for me. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is. Working at your own pace and time may sound good but trying to survive everyday with a stable financial income is pretty tough. Thus, I gave up my weekends and extra hours for more jobs just to sustain whatever needs to be sustained. Since living a freelance life requires a lot of sleepless nights, commutes, meetings and what-not, I always make sure that I still get to take care of myself especially my health.

Having a background in nursing taught me a lot of things including how to be extra careful when it comes to my wellness. Luckily, we are more blessed with products that could help us stay germ free and healthy. I’m happy to say that my favorite brand Belo finally launched their newest Belo Baby Line that is crafted not only for babies but for everyone.

What I love the most about these sanitizers are how light the smell is and each comes in a very unique scent. These sanitizers has glycerin which moisturizes and leaves the skin extra fresh.

If you ask me, among the three (3) scents, I love the blueberry scent the most. They don’t only smell good but they’re very skin friendly too. These sanitizers can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria and it’s hypoallergenic too!

If you’re wondering how these sanitizers are connected to my health conscious issues, basically germs and bacterias are primarily transmitted through touch. And with my daily activities as as freelancer, I get to to interact with more than one person per day. So sanitizing every after meetings or even touching anything from public places would definitely be a big help when it comes to staying healthy.

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March 14, 2017

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