Dressing for Prom

Prom has always been my favorite special occasion.
And after experiencing it twice in my life, I can say that I learned
a lot of things and I can’t wait to share them with you today.


Dressing for prom is always the most exciting experience a girl can ever have. Some may find it hard to look for the right dress while others may have already figured what style suits them best. I personally struggled on my first prom experience too. I was totally clueless how prom goes and I really didn’t know what dress looks good on me. So to make sure my second prom experience would be the best, I gathered all my learning from my previous prom.

If you’re struggling on what to wear and how to prepare for prom, here are my simple personal tips:

1. Pick the right dress – When picking the right dress, make sure it fits you perfectly and it fits your school’s prom theme/motif. To save more, buying a dress from stores like JELLYBEAN is the best option since they have a lot of cute and affordable dresses to choose from. But if you want your own design to come to life, hire the best dress maker and make sure to do this 3 weeks or a month before your prom.

2. Choose the right accessories wisely – the right accessories can either match your dress or add a little excitement to your whole look by giving it a little pop of color. If you ever want a little pop of color in your prom look, make sure to pick the right shade that matches your school’s motif.

3. Right hair, right makeup – I realized that prom isn’t really just about what you wear. It is also about how you look. When choosing for the right hairstyle that suits your dress, always remember that if your dress is a little daring, leaving your hair down and perhaps adding some sexy curls is the best thing to do. And when your dress is a little conservation, this is your chance to be more creative with your hair and make sure your neck shows! When it comes to makeup, go for the one that will make you feel comfortable and the one that will make you still look yourself.


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    March 16, 2015

    Naks pareho tayo ng blog entry! I love your kilay here

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    March 16, 2015

    how I wish blogs were uso na when o had myvprom hahaha di sana ako mega baduy then nyahahahaha! ooops did i made buko my age 🙂 so so pretty! love everything!

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