It’s not just a phase. It’s for real.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared a story with you. For today, let me re-introduce myself.

Over my years in social media, everyone knew me as @IAMTHEDOLL. It was honestly a juvenile decision when I decided to step into the blogging world. If the history behind that username still interests you, back 2004, looking extra kawaii was a big hit. I have always been a fan of Japanese fashion and beauty. Hence, I was so into Hello Kitty, colorful hair, fake nails, long lashes and 0.00 graded colored contact lenses (the ones with bigger diameter to be specific).

As I moved in Metro Manila and adulating happened, my interest grew differently. I enjoyed dressing more comfortably. Tees and sweatpants would be my go-to outfit. Hence, TWENTEEYET was born. A shirt brand that Jeff (my boyfriend) and I started.

Going back, it’s probably been 2 years now since I mulled over on whether to rebrand my identity or not.
This time, it’s for good.

The turning point. Realizing that I do not want to be remembered as @iamthedoll as I enter new chapters of life. Don’t get me wrong, @iamthedoll will always be a special memory in my life and it will always make me remember where and how I started. However, considering the future I do not think I can still live by the idea of being just a doll.

As I re-introduce my self once again, my name is RHEA BUE and I would like to be remembered by the name I was born with. I don’t just blog, I create.

Photographed by Jeff Ong
Styling, hair & makeup done by yours truly