Compliment an Outfit

People these days tend to be more fashionable and have bolder choices on their outfits and accessories. While most tend to look good, some can result in fashion disasters especially when you’re not wearing accessories that compliment your outfit well.

In most cases, colours and designs are the two things to should consider when choosing accessories to match your outfit. Bolder is not always better. In a lot of cases simple, elegant and timeless pieces are the best accessories to compliment outfits.

There are many accessories that can complement your clothes. Jewellery is the most common items used to accessorize. Whether it’s a ring, earrings, watch, necklace or bracelets you can definitely add a touch of elegance or class to an outfit with the right jewellery.

The great thing about jewellery is there are so many designs and materials it can incorporate various colours that can truly compliment what you’re wearing. Apart from your usual gold, silver and diamonds, you have jewellery which is made using precious stones like ruby, amethyst, pearl, topaz, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine and so many others.

Here are some tips in complimenting your outfit with jewellery.

•If you are wearing a simple black or white dress, adding a dash of colour to your outfit using coloured jewellery can be great. Use precious stones as earrings or necklaces and pair it with a belt with the same colour.

•If you are bringing a clutch to match your outfit, it would be a great compliment to wearing diamond rings or even rings with precious stones that matches a colour in your outfit or clutch.

•Gold or silver bracelets with different charms can often make even a simple outfit look well coordinated.

•Bangles are becoming very popular again these days and there are different colourful designs on them that can match your outfit.

•More intricate designs of necklaces and earrings can be worn if you’re trying for an elegant evening look.

•For a more casual look, long necklaces with more casual designs like animals or objects as necklaces and bracelet charms can do the trick.

•Jewelled brooches can also be used to compliment your look. If you have an evening event brooches are pieces to accentuate your look. Paired with matching cuff bracelet, you will look elegant.

•For dresses with low back designs, there are necklaces available with designs on the back too. You can definitely wear something like this for great evening events and functions.

These are just a few ways to compliment your outfits using jewellery. There are a lot of materials, designs and colours available and if you can’t find any you like, you can even have them custom made. There are a lot of jewellery makers and established companies that offer affordable, genuine jewelleries. In most cases, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to buy a piece that you want. Just visit the various online jewellery sites and choose several pieces that would perfectly match your outfit.


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