Commute. A word that best explains my daily routine when Iā€™m off to work or an event. Being sexy in heels is what we all want once we reach our destination but as we commute, comfort is a must! Thus a pair of comfy yet trendy flats is your superhero.

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For this look, since I really wanted something easy and just have a normal day without getting much stares I paired this bandage leopard skirt with a loose chiffon tank top and for a long day, flats will always be my choice of comfort. This is a perfect weekend get-up for me whenever I plan to go to the mall to shop or just spend the day with me, myself and I.




Eyewear ZERO UV; Top from PERSUN; Skirt from FOREVER 21; Bag from CLAIRE’S PH (local store); Shoes from TONIC (local store).

Ph by Rj Bue