Tavi Gevinson of thestylerookie.com

I’ve been getting questions over my formspring account regarding fashion blogging, what-tos and what-nots… I’m not really an “expert” blogger and I can’t really give an “expert” advice. All I can give is my personal insights on how to start fashion blogging and having a good reputation.

Now fashion blogging is not just about clothes, shoes, brands and photos. Well it’s a big part in fashion blogging but there should be more than that. As a newbie fashion blogger, I realized that posting outfit posts too frequently without a story behind it just plain photos won’t get you to where you want to be. Having good photos doesn’t always mean that you’ll be on the A-List someday. Even some bloggers who doesn’t really have nice photos are on the top-list.

The secret to being on the top is always the content. As much as your audience love your photos, they are always after for your story. So probably a few branding on the look would do then you can tell them how you came up with that look or what was your feelings, etc. Your readers came for your story… and that’s why they were called “readers” not “lookers”. And for the issue on how long should your posts would be, well most forum sites advice for keeping your posts under 300 words. I agree with this thought because I really believe that once you exceed 300 words, it will bore your readers already and the tendency is they won’t get the whole point of the story. So it’s always safe to summarize everything.

For the blog design, I know you all noticed how girly and colorful my previous blog designs were. I did get a lot of compliments before but ever since I decided to go on a minimalistic blog design, I don’t really get much compliments like before but I feel ease with my current theme. In fashion blogging, you would be posting different photos with your colorful outfits and all and having a minimal theme would give emphasis more on your photos than on the design. So no matter how plain your design is, don’t worry… it’s not a big problem because all you need to do is work on your content. :uptum:

And always keep in mind… “Success doesn’t come overnight…”

I think that’s all for now cause I think this post is way more than 300 words already. LMAO! But I really really hope this post made sense and you learned something from me today. It’s not everyday that I get the chance to talk seriously here. HAHA! :bib3: