When I decided to have a blog, I promised my self that I will do my best to keep it no matter what.

Wearing: Set from NEEF CLOTHING.

Honestly, there still comes a time when I wonder what happens to me if I stop blogging. But then, I always take one step backward and go back to the reason why I even started this blog.

Having a regular day job isn’t really a hindrance to quitting the blogging world. The good thing about my job is it even trains me to be more professional with what I’m already doing and it also helps me build my network online & offline. Most of my friends even wonder how I balance my time in work and still be able to blog and attend to numerous events at the end of the day. I think my only answer to that question is: PASSION.

Well if you can relate and thinking of giving up one thing, here’s my personal guide to NOT giving up anything.

1. Before even starting one thing, make sure that it’s what you’ve always wanted
and you’re really passionate about it.
2. Manage your time when it comes to accepting events.
3. Be wise and smart in accepting partnerships. Make sure it’s always worth your time and effort.
4. Know your value.
5. Have a “me time” once in a while. Take a day break as much as possible
and avoid doing anything blog or work related.
6. Calendar everything! Track the things you did in a month (work or blog related).
7. If you feel like you can’t commit to an event, NEVER accept the invite
and inform the PR person as soon as possible.
8. Set your priorities.