A Day In The Sun

This is where I found the break I needed.

Social media has been quite toxic lately. I know it’s part of my job but sometimes it makes me feel frustrated. To break the stress I’m feeling, I decided a quick getaway would kiss away the boo-boo.

After seeing tons of alluring ads on Facebook on this Greece inspired resort, my friends and I finally decided to visit Sundowners Vacation Villas and got ourselves a Master’s Villa. We thought it was the best way to reward ourselves for being so hard-working the past days that we forget to live and enjoy moments without social media involved!

Our Master’s Villa had 6 rooms and can definitely host more than 10 people! The best part of the villa is, we had our own infinity pool and a panoramic view of the ocean! If you think the place is busy since it’s far from the city, you can create your own fun by brining in your favorite movies and enjoy a movie night with your friends in your own movie theater at the Master’s Villa. To check out the villa we got, you may visit: http://sundowners.ph/bolinao/mastervilla.

If you ask me, I definitely recommend this place for family get-togethers, barkada bondings or simply a good break away from the city!

To check more photos and details about Sundowners Bolinao, follow them:
Facebook: facebook.com/SundownersVacationVillas
Instagram: instagram.com/sundownersvacationvillas

December 8, 2017

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