Unveiling the things Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix have in common.

Having the chance to work with two rising stars; Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix, had been a pleasure. When I was given the task to style and come up with a shoot concept for the two stars, without second thoughts I instantly accepted the project.

On Bianca: Top from BUM, Jacket and Skirt – Stylist’s own, Eyewear from AGGY PH.
On Miguel: Jacket – Stylist’s own, Top and Shorts from BUM, Eyewear from AGGY PH.

On Bianca: Top – Stylist’s own, Pants from BUM
On Miguel: Jacket – Stylist’s own, top and shorts from BUM

When I sent my concept proposal of food & fashion editorial-like shoot, I was really pleased to know that Bianca and Miguel were also excited about the concept and shoot. Knowing that, it definitely made me feel more excited to meet them personally. When I first got introduced to the two on the shoot day itself, both were really approachable and easy to direct. I thought it would take some time for them to warm up to someone they’ve never met but to my surprise, they were very warm and they treated me like their elder sister – even calling me “ate” to show respect. Having the time and opportunity to meet and talk to them personally, I gathered few things I believe every #BiGuel fan should know.

1. They both love milkshake!

When I was giving them a short brief of the shoot before we started, I told them about the milkshake scene. I saw Bianca’s eyes lit up and she slowly whispered, “ate, can I have strawberry milkshake?”. Miguel on the other hand requested for chocolate milkshake. Granting their wishes, when we were already shooting the milkshake scene, you can see how happy they were. I honestly did not have to direct them for the poses because they were so natural. No directions needed!

2. Dancing is their common ground

On Bianca: Top – Stylist’s own, Jumper from BUM
On Miguel: Top and Pants from BUM

On our dead time, we were having casual conversations like we weren’t really working at all. I asked Bianca and Miguel what their hobbies were and they both answered – DANCING. If you search them up on Google, Youtube or Instagram, you would see few dancing clips. As a dancer too, I definitely think Bianca and Miguel got amazing moves! When they first step in Palace Pool Club for the shoot, I actually felt the “dancer vibes” from them. Judging from how they walk and move, I sensed fellow dancers in them.

3. Casted to be part of GMA’s New Telefantasya – Mulawin vs Ravena

On Bianca: Top, Jacket and Shorts from BUM, Eyewear from AGGY PH
On Miguel: Top, Jacket and Pants from BUM, Eyewear from AGGY PH

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Miguel and Bianca are part of GMA’s new telefantasya Mulawin vs Ravena. Miguel will play the role of Pagaspas while Bianca will play the role of Lawiswis. If you are not that familiar with Mulawin shown in 2004, Pagaspas is a night owl who transforms into a young boy when together with another owl, Lawiswis. Technically, they both need each other to transform back to their human forms.

On my personal thoughts, I really believe these two young stars will go a long way. They have so much potential with a heart! Hihi 🙂 To know more about Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix, follow their social media accounts!

Bianca Umali

Miguel Tanfelix

Special thanks to the following people who made this collaboration possible:
Palace Pool Club for the venue
Photographed by my boyfriend Jeff Ong
Eyewear from AGGY PH