What to expect and how does it feel to have your very first RevLite laser therapy at Wink?
Read my full experience on my first session below!

To tell you honestly, I don’t usually go for facials or have any procedure done on my face. So this time I had the guts to try Wink’s RevLite laser therapy since I’ve been reading a lot of great reviews about this procedure and most of my friends have already tried it. When I got to Wink’s Trinoma branch, I was greeted by their very friendly nurse Cath and not to mention the very warm and comfy vibe in their clinic.

So before we even began with the procedure, nurse Cath carefully briefed me a few things about their RevLite laser therapy. Her brief was very informative from what the laser feels like and what to do before and after the procedure. First things first, RevLite is a laser treatment that stimulates and rejuvenates collagen in your skin with short pulses of light and it only takes 20 minutes with no downtime. Revlite laser therapy increases collagen that gives your skin a youthful glow, a smoother texture, and a more even skin tone. RevLite targets enlarged pores, pimples, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and even pigmentation from birth marks and sun damage. Having a RevLite laser therapy actually gives a mild tingling sensation. Discomfort may be experienced depending on your pain tolerance. After your first RevLite laser therapy, you will instantly notice the lightening of your facial hair and unlike ordinary facials, you can instantly apply your makeup again.

So amongst their list of RevLite services below, I picked the Complexion Correction since I have uneven skin tone and very visible pores.

Wink Laser Facial – leaves your skin bright and glowing by shrinking pores, fighting oil and active pimples, and improving the appearance of pigmentations.

Complexion Correction – corrects skin tone and texture by reducing pigmentations, pore size, scars, and sun damage.
Age Retrace – stimulates collagen to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and deeper pigmentation
Acne Erase – targeted to fight pimples and reduce deep, embedded acne scars.
Spot Treatment – a deep lightening and tightening treatment on specific areas.
Doctorโ€™s services – pigment removal and tattoo removal done by licensed doctors.

For the aftercare, it is important to remember the following:
1. Sunscreen is your new best friend! Make sure to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin.
2. Stay away from the sun! This is not the best time to accept free Vitamin D from Mr. Sun.
3. Apply cold compress or wash your face with cool water to reduce heat.
4. Be committed and follow your recommended time intervals for best results.
5. Avoid the use deodorant or scrub on the area for 24 hours.
6. Don’t hit to the gym/spa/pool/sauna for at least 4 hours.
7. Using any whitening or peeling products for at least 2 weeks is a big NO-NO.
8. Don’t get a tan or use tanning products.

Are you ready to give RevLite laser therapy a try?
You can avail RevLite treatment for P7,000.00 per session! For more information, please visit: http://www.winkstudio.ph.