What The Water Gave Me

“Time it took us to where the water was. That’s what the water gave me. And time goes quicker between the two of us. Oh, my love, don’t forsake me. Take what the water gave me…”

“Lay me down, Let the only sound. Be the overflow. Pockets full of stones.
Lay me down…Let the only sound.Be the overflow..”

– Florence + The Machine; What The Water Gave Me

I’ve been sick for 2 days after new year’s eve and that’s one reason why I wasn’t able to update this blog the past few days…

Sweater from Sheinside; Skirt from WAGW; Bag from Kaymar Alekzis Bags; Shoes from Ferretti

Today was my first day of work again for the year 2013. Due to my sickness I had to take a 2 days leave from work and spent those days at home trying to cure myself. Being sick alone is very difficult… good thing a whole day bed rest helped me a lot! weeew! Now I’m back and ready to start this year with maximum energy and happiness (I hope).

Here’s my outfit for today wearing that “familiar” sweater again from Sheinside pairing this electric pleated skirt from WAGW that I had for 2 years now. It was also my first time to wear a strappy flats like this to work. And believe me… this is the most comfiest flats I have in my shoe collection! Thanks to Ferretti.

Photos by: Mark Bugante

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