Weekend to Weekday with MEMO

Simply showing off how I transition some MEMO pieces from Weekend to Weekday wear.

Normally I don’t wear trousers on weekends since I personally think they’re perfect for weekday wear only (especially if you’re living in a corporate world). But, this time around I tried to play around with this pair of trousers from MEMO and transition this look from a weekend to weekday wear. My take on the weekend look would be folding the hem of the trousers outward to make it look more casual. Then wear a nice loose top for a very relaxed vibe and of course choose a comfy pair of shoes especially if you’re running some errands and what-not. For my weekday look, folding the hem of my trousers is not option since I decided to match this trousers with my favorite black stilettos from JANILYN. Now how to make it look more corporate? the trick is to simply wear a nice blazer and tuck in your top. To summarize everything, transitioning an outfit from night to day or weekend to weekday is really easy. Always remember to pick the right and appropriate pieces to switch and play with on the right days.

Photographed by Phyaboo

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