Valentine’s Special.

Read more to find out how my Valentine’s Day went this year.
Photos by the one and only – @CharlieShotMe.

A weekend staycation in Widus Hotel & Casino turned into something special. I must say that this Valentine’s is the most memorable memory for me since it brought the two of us closer and we finally get to make things official.

So just a quick history, It’s actually really funny how Jules and I met. My good blogger friend, Patrice (@avelovin) introduced us to each other but we barely talked that night since I was actually dating some guy that time and he wasn’t even looking for anything. A few weeks after, things didn’t really worked out with the guy I dated. So Jules and I started exchanging snaps. Thinking about it now, we can’t even remember how and why we started exchanging snaps. LOL! You can follow me (buerhea) and Jules (jules.aquin0) if you want. #Shamelessplug

Then after some time, we started talking more often on messenger and we travelled together. So this weekend in Widus, Nico (Nicole’s boyfie) asked us if how long have we been together. So Jules and I laughed and answered that we’re still not together but we can make it official. So few hours later, he taught me how to waltz and in the latter part we finally decided to make our relationship official.

P.S. He’s actually the first guy to ask me to be his girlfriend. Lol! So cheesy!

What I like about Jules is how honest, straight-forward and sweet he is. If you’re my good friend, you would know that he is definitely my type (like 101%). LOL! Like what he said to me, we didn’t really forced things to happen. It just happened.

So after sharing the news to my closest friends, Charles and Yuki decided to do a quick Valentine’s special photoshoot of me and Jules during our last stay in Widus. I seriously loved every photo that Charles took. It’s very candid, natural and it really captured how we really are in real life.

I’m really beyond happy to finally meet someone whom I can trust and share my happiness with. To view more of our adventures together, don’t forget to follow us on Snapchat and check our official hashtag on Instagram, #JRhules.

Photos by Charles Rodulfo of @CharlieShotMe

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