Strictly Skin & Face

Skin and face products I religiously use.

Face prep: Algenist

I don’t want to pretend like I know it all so whatever I’m sharing with you today, I swear with all my heart that I use these products everyday. So for people who asks what my facial cleanser is, I switched from Neutrogena to Alegnist already. Why? After months of using this product, I was absolutely satisfied with how my facial skin felt. From having little bumps and oily face, it got smoother and tighter (in a good way) through time. The winning ingredient behind Algenist is the Alguronic Acid. This ingredient is known for its anti-aging benefits for the skin. Aside from that winning factor, it also protects and regenerates the cell from our harsh environment. To make sure my skin is well taken care of, I use this cleanser twice a day (morning and before bedtime).

Since I have a semi-sensitive skin, I hesitated to try this product at first. But honestly, the clinical look somehow convinced me to give it a try (yes, I do judge products by its packaging, sometimes). LOL! But seriously, sometimes you just have to take risks and see whether the product works for you or not. Always remember that when you get skin reactions from the product you’re using, just stop using it because it only means that it’s not compatible with your type of skin.

Moisturize & Protect: Nuxe

When Nuxe first launched here in the Philippines, I was lucky enough to try their multipurpose dry oil first. I’m not really a lotion type of person because I always find lotions heavy on the skin. So I’m obviously left with dry oils. LOL! Their multipurpose dry oil made so much difference on my skin in just a few months. Everyday, I made sure to apply it all over my legs (since it really flakes on that area for me) and I also use it on the tips of my hair to moisturize the ends. Sometimes when I’m at the beach, I also use this as alternative to tanning oil. I’m actually on my second bottle already because I really maximize its multipurpose function.

We all know matte lipsticks are so “in” lately. To keep my lips moisturized from all the mattes, I always see to it that I apply their lip balm overnight. Every morning I wake up with soft lemon scented lips that’s always ready to pucker up! Just kidding!

With all the days that I’m out, I always make sure I have my sunscreen on. If you inspect my bag, you’ll see that I always carry my sunscreen with me. Their sunscreen comes with a fresh like out-of-the-shower kind of scent and it’s water based so it really feels light on the skin when applied.

Everyday: Biore

On daily basis, I like to have less makeup on. Not only it gives my skin some time to breathe but it also saves so much preparation time for me especially when I’m rushing for work. This tinted sunscreen sadly only comes in 1 shade. However, this is really a helpful product for me since it already gives a flawless coverage and it also comes with SPF 50 PA+++. And since you know my issue with heavy consistencies, this product is also water based which is gentle and settles evenly on the skin.

Special Ocassions: MAC & Max Factor

On special days like events, shoots, dates and meetings, MAC and Max Factor got me covered! To be honest, I have this biploar relationship with products and it usually depends on the weather and its consistency. For warmer days, I use MAC’s pro long wear since it leaves a matte finish. We all know how warm days make our skin feel greasy like a pan ready to fry things. To lessen the greasiness, sometimes you need a powder like finish to neutralize it and this is why I love MAC’s pro long wear. For colder days, I use Max Factor’s primer, concealer and foundation in one because it leaves a semi-dewy finish. When the weather is cold your skin usually tightens making the skin look dry and dull. To contrast this, you would need cover ups that’s not in matte finish. Makeup can be confusing but it’s an understanding of beauty, Science and nature.

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