Should I go Blonde?

Seriously, I have been thinking about this for about 4 days now. :bib16: Last Sunday I bought a new hair color for me and it was a Golden Blonde shade. Peak here:

And I’ve been really thinking if it would look nice on me or what. :clueless: It’s not that I don’t like my current hair color, it’s just that I want my hair to be lighter than the usual. And not to mention, I also had a thing of wanting to cut my hair short too like a bob-cut or something sexy and short. But my boyfriend wouldn’t let me cause he amazingly loves my long dry hair. hahaha! :bib3:

By the way, I added a Vintage Coloring tutorial for Photoshop users here feel free to check it out. :bib16: And as for my personal blog, hopefully it’ll be up by Saturday. :love: But for now, I gotta bounce cause I still got a client to meet up for the shirt logo design. :uptum:

18 thoughts on “Should I go Blonde?

  • for sure sis bagay yan sayo. same tayo, Ayaw din ni niepao ko na ipacut ang hair ko, saka he likes black hair. Kaya lng i don't have any choice but to cut my hair short, kasi nahawa ako ng lices 🙁 miss ko na nga ang long hair eh rebonded p naman hair ko hehe.

  • Go for it sis! I bet you would look more tisay in that hair color. 😀 Something that would definitely compliment your skin tone and of course, your sense of fashion and style. Bob-cut? Like Mel C look? It's totally hot and in right now, except i can't try tose as I have chubby cheeks. Something that won't look great on me.

  • Blonde is a really good hair color, since I see it almost all the time around here. I envy that you could color your hair. My mom won't let me. Lame ;<

    You're gorgeous, so that color's not gonna be a problem on you. Go try it on, and post some shots. ;3

  • sis, I think blonde suits you… you have a light skin, right? i think blondes suits those who have lighter/fair skin… 🙂 you should try it. ^^

  • you should do your hair blonde!!! I love blonde hair:) its just so beautiful…
    dont cut your hair!! :O sexy long hair is definately in style.. long hair is amazing. and i wish my hair was longer so i envy you 🙁 lol

  • I think blonde really suits you ate Rhea! It'll definitely looks gorgeous on you since you're gorgeous! and no don't cut your hair! Your hair is your crowning glory :PP

  • OMG! Please don't cut your lovely long hair. I love it! And I think you look good on ash blonde or golden blonde. hahaha. Where did you find those colors sis? cause magpapa-dye rin kasi ako ng buhok

  • oo imma check the tutorial. i think your current hair color is the right color for you. if you'll color it blonde it will only blend with your skin color 🙂

  • Feeling ko bagay naman sayo ang blond sis! 😀 Maputi ka naman kasi eh XD Ayaw din ni BF ko yung magpakulay. He just wants plain and simple me. [Pero makulit ako at nagpakulay ako ng buhok. Haha

  • I think you current hair color suits you better. But give it a try, I'm quite sure any hair color will look good on you anyway 😛

  • Ah, I adore your layout! And it's awesome that you used my code as a base. Most people just change the colors and make them look…bleh.

    I think your hair would look nice blonde. Based on your photos it looks like you have the right skin coloring. And if you want to cut your hair, do it! It'll always grow back. Especially if it's dead, you should give it a trim.

  • I think that color is wonderful! I'm actually going to cut my hair 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love! So if you cut your hair at least 10 inches consider that organization! I'm sure some child with cancer will appreciate it very much. 🙂

    Your site is really cute!

  • First off, sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment on my blog! I didn't forget about you! I just have a bad habit of procrastinating! lol

    Anyways! I love tattoos! The hard part with them is, they're perminate. You don't wanna get one you won't like in a few years. Just like you don't wanna get one in a place where it could effect your job or getting a job. >.<

    Another problem I run into with tattoos is I want like 50 different ones and I want them all in like the same places. xD So I have to go through and pick and choose which tattoos I really want to get. Its such a hard choice! lol

    As for your hair, I wouldn't dye it. You have BEAUTIFUL hair! I would dye it or cut it. Dying can cause hair damage, even if you only do it once. Especially since they're going to have to bleach your hair before they dye it. Bleach can really kill hair. I mean, if you're okay with perminately damaging your hair, then go ahead, but I wouldn't. Your hair is beautiful, the colour and all!

    I wouldn't cut it so short either though as your hair can come in differently. Like, your hair has a wave now and its beautiful. Well, if ou got your hair cut real short and once it starts really growing out, you could find that your hair is very frizzy and curlly. That's how my hair changed. It happens to most people though. 🙁 You're hair is too beautiful to cut! *if jealous* lol

    I think that's all. 🙂

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