Seriously, I have been thinking about this for about 4 days now. :bib16: Last Sunday I bought a new hair color for me and it was a Golden Blonde shade. Peak here:

And I’ve been really thinking if it would look nice on me or what. :clueless: It’s not that I don’t like my current hair color, it’s just that I want my hair to be lighter than the usual. And not to mention, I also had a thing of wanting to cut my hair short too like a bob-cut or something sexy and short. But my boyfriend wouldn’t let me cause he amazingly loves my long dry hair. hahaha! :bib3:

By the way, I added a Vintage Coloring tutorial for Photoshop users here feel free to check it out. :bib16: And as for my personal blog, hopefully it’ll be up by Saturday. :love: But for now, I gotta bounce cause I still got a client to meet up for the shirt logo design. :uptum: