Printed Memories with #StoryTellPrints

Find out how you can get your captured memories printed in different ways!

When I’m not that busy, I always take time to do my work research (anything social media related), stalk my followers on Instagram and discover new apps that I can play with. So just recently, I discovered the coolest social printing app called – Storytell Prints. Obviously I’m not really a tech blogger so I can’t talk about the technicalities of the app. Although I can assure you that the app is definitely worth downloading especially if you love taking pictures and you want to have it printed out on a polaroid style material, magnetized, board and more.

As a lifestyle blogger, I really find this app useful for me since collecting photos and keeping photo albums is a really BIG thing for me. Aside from documenting and keeping all of my #ootds here on my blog and Instagram account, I also have my favorite #ootds printed out and kept in an actual “fashion album”. And since I really have a busy schedule, going to actual photo printing stores is such a hassle for me. With Storytell Prints app, I can easily select photos direct from my phone and get the prints directly from my doorstep in just 3-5 days. Pretty cool, right?!

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For IOS and Android users, download Storytell Prints App now!

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