On Staying Alive…

Wake up, live and shine.

Wearing: Blings from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS / Top from PINK MANILA / Shorts from SM GTW / Shoes from TUTUM

Weeew! I can’t honestly remember the last time I was seriously super active in blogging. I’m not even sure if anyone still reads my blog these days. And I’m fully aware and guilty that I haven’t shared any useful things lately and I haven’t written anything good in my life so far. LOL! But don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT giving up. I’ll try to work things out and hopefully everything’s going to be back to normal. SOON. yes? YES!

So how have I been lately? well basically I’ve been enjoying my offline life that I fail to update you guys, I’ve been busy with my job (what’s new?), I’m stuck on Instagram most of time and I’m stalking my reader’s feeds on IG and giving them the hearts they deserve. Aside from that, I’ve been working on some new stuff for my blog. And probably I’ll be doing another revamp on my content soon. So yeaaah. I guess you have to stick around this time if you’re excited to find out what that “revamp” is. hihi. xo

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