OFTD #2: Hitting the Blazers.

Just a random blog update. Here’s another outfit for the day (OFTD) post and this most likely incorporates the use of blazers. I would loooove to have this outfit someday. :bib21: And I think pairing a blazer up with a simple plain v-neck t-shirt would do the look. A plain one is better than a printed one because it would steal the attention from the blazer. :bib16: And for this kind of look, you can choose between the color palette shades I got there. :uptum:

13 thoughts on “OFTD #2: Hitting the Blazers.

  • Hey thank you for subbing me back! I appreciate it! Yeah I have an unknown type of seizures, which hopefully today I will find out what the cause of them are. I have a doctor's appointment today so I'll be sure to let you guys know what it is. If anything. Yeah they can be really tiring, especially the tremors. I've had those since 2004. Those were massive ones. I would usually pass out from those or wanna fall out of my chair. My dad would literally have to sit through them to make sure I didn't. But I'm doing okay now though. I just have some really bad health problems though.

    Yeah, it was kind of lame for my friend to do that. I was really pissed. I honestly thought well; if she wants to talk to this guy I'll let her, but I didn't know she was gonna compenscate my phone for 5 hours on Saturday. And keep me up, when I told her numerous amounts of time if I don't get any sleep I'll seizure. I even told the guy that and he's like "don't be hating". I told him it's a health complication I have. They obviously didn't care. But she did feel bad after I told her in the morning that I was a little mad at the idea of her talking to a stranger, on the phone for hours when I had invited her over. So yeah it was pretty messed up.

    But anyway, yeah we'll definitely get through the youtube thing. Just gotta stay positive. My channel's a mixture of things. Haha. I honestly didn't know that your channel's iambebedoll. My channel's is ibebegurl lmfao. Now is that a coinscidence or what? lol. I honestly didn't know you had that sn either. :/. But yeah.

    I love that OOTD look! I agree a plain v-neck shirt would look great under the blazer!

  • That is a nice outfit of the day! Keep it up! I never technically like wearing blazers myself. I guess it's just a "casual" thing. If I could choose, I would just choose those oversized sunglasses :P. I don't know, my taste in outfits changes with my mood. I dress nice when I'm anxious. And… I dressed lazily when I'm lazy. 😛

    Thank you :D! Go Self learners!

    I hate it when people make it awkward for any situations. '~'. It makes me.. Insecure for that second! XD!

    Take care~

  • I just love what you post here! They all look gorgeous. 😉 I hope when I loose all the pregnancy weight that I can buy clothes like that again. Haha! 🙂 I miss shopping non-maternity items 🙁

  • If I were a girl (and I'm pretty close… lol jk), I'd probably never think to wear an outfit like this, but surprisingly, I think it works. I love the top (cleavage much?) and I like how the belt matches the bag. The bag looks huge, though. Would it be comfortale lugging that thing around?

  • I love the top. I usually go for the basics, fitted plain tops and jeans. You can pretty much match it up with basically anything.

  • I love estee lauder! 😀 their products are really good..
    and I like the outfit, I would love to try it on, maybe during the end of winter, when spring is just starting, since right now, I don't think blazers are in, since the weather is hot and humid…

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