Never Ending Wishlist…

I can’t believe that time really flies. It’s June already and my birthday is fast-approaching! ~yey! I’m getting older and I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about that fact… ~yipes! :bib1:

Tonight, I would be sharing my birthday wishlist as requested by most of you. :bib16:

I would like to start with my skin care products must-haves:

1, 2, 3: THEFACESHOP Clean Face Mild Toner, Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing, Clean Face Spot Corrector – After reading Patsy’s review on these products, I seriously wanted to try them out. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about these products which makes me really eager to give them a try too. I found a perfect shop who sells these products and I would prolly place my order on these items on the 3rd week of June. :bib16:

4. SHU UEMURA White Recover EX+ Cleansing Oil – I am dying to try this cleansing oil!!! Shu Uemura is a trusted brand when it comes to skin care for me. Most bloggers who have tried using this has never experienced breaking out and this is one reason why I wanna give it a try too. But I guess I have to save around $73 for this. ~eek! :bib3:

My foundation must-haves:

1. BRTC: Jasmine Water BB Cream can be bought at and

2. SHU UEMURA: Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation #774 – Too pricey for a 27ml foundation but very worth it! I think this is a good investment for your facial skin especially to acne prone skin. :uptum:

3. LAURA MERCIER: Hydrating Liquid Foundation (Oil-Free)

4. LAURA MERCIER: Mineral Powder

For 3 & 4: Available at all Rustan’s Essences Branch.
LM Oil-free foundation at PHP 1,850 (approx $42) | LM Loose Transluscent Powder PHP1,550 (approx $35)

My list wouldn’t be complete without the shoes. LMAO! :bib3: I know ya’ll know that I’ve been diggin’ pastels lately… So since most of my flat shoes are in bold colors, I decided to add few pastels on my shoe collection. :bib22:

1. Kochi Loafers in Light Mint from Satchi Store at P899 only.

2.Vivi Captoe in Old Rose from Satchi Store at P850 only.

And FTW, an IPHONE 3GS which I’ll be getting tomorrow already! yay! I’m so happy to be crashing this out on my list. And I’m very much proud of myself for being able to save up for this phone. And again, I know this is not the “latest” phone from Apple but this is the only thing that I can buy as of the moment out of my own pocket. :bib16:

Apart from all that materialistic list above (LMAO!), a bundle of pastel helium balloons would make me happy on my special day. :sparkle:

Questions/Tasks for You:
1. Who’s celebrating their birthday this June? (blog about your birthday wishlist too!)
2. Are you looking forward for a FUN-tastic birthday giveaway from me?
3. Share your birthday wishlist too…

28 thoughts on “Never Ending Wishlist…

  • how i wish i could get you everything in your list. char! haha!
    uy, happy birthday rhea! hoping all the best for you.
    and yes, pastels are the bomb. gustong-gusto ko rin ang pastels ngayon. :/

  • Great choices! You can use Revlon's Photoready liquid foundation in place of the Shu Uemura. My makeup artist uses it on me and s/he says it's a great substitute even for MAC. And it does make my skin extra flawless. BRB, checking out those mint satchi loafers!! Perfect replacement for my old Pabder.

  • Hindi ako masyado familiar sa mga beauty products na yan. haha. Palibhasa lip balm lang ang alam ko. LOL.
    Congrats sa iphone mo. Okay lang naman kahit hindi latest, luluma din un. HAHA! OMG! Lapit na din ng birthday ko. Gusto ko din ng wishlist. 😛

  • Advance happy birthday doll <3

    I hope you can get all these great stuff on your lists 🙂
    And I know you can!!!

    Shu Eumura have great products and worth-buying, hope to see reviews of any of these products very soon *wink

    OT: BTW, I have your banner in my sidebar, exchange banners? ^ ^ hihi

    Love yah doll <3

  • Hope you'll get all of those, so many cosmetics. Wanna try the face shop products, looks really good but I guess it cost a lot too. We have the same phone! I have iPhone 3gs too! Can't wait for your giveaway!

  • Super like ko yung loafer from Satchi <3 I will check yung online shop nila, hopefully may size pang available for me 🙂

  • I'm celebrating my birthday in 9 days! I might really do a wishlist. Lately A LOT of bloggers is celebrating their birthdays – maybe we, geminis, are especially talented for blogging, haha. 🙂

    By the way, thanks for your comment, you wish just came true as I posted a new summer related post! 🙂

  • Hey, my birthday's not really in June, but on July 3rd! 🙂 Since I am living abroad I just want to spend the day with some people I like since all my friends and family can't be with me! And I would also not complain… about going birthday shopping in Tokyo! There's nothing specific I really need, I would love to get some random things so I can remember my time in Tokyo when I'm going home in August. When is your birthday exactly? Hope i'll be a great day and most wishes will be fulfilled! 🙂 ♥

  • Yay malapit na ang bdays naten sis <3 Advance happy birthday!!! I don't really have anything to wish for as of this moment. Hehe 😀

  • wow, parang gsto kong i-try ung SHU UEMURA thingy na yan ah.. Hehe! Sana matupad lahat ng wish mo, or atleast kung hindi man, hope you'll be happy in your special day — because you deserve to be one (:

  • haha I did kind of notice that you always have a wishlist blog. Lol. But I think that's a good thing. it helps you motivate to save for it. 🙂

    I am excited to join the giveaway you'll be having. Really can't wait to join one again. After winning, it just feels so good to join. Haha. Got nothing to lose anyway.

    Love your wishlist. Yours is full of flats while mine is full of heels and booties. I'm not really a fan of flats. The only flat shoes I want are sneakers. Lmao.

  • You should really try Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder 😉 It’s really nice.. the coverage is awesome and feels really light 🙂

  • i can't relate that much when it comes to make up thingy.. i even don't know how to use it. lol but srsly, i don't. what caught my eyes is the iPhone 3GS that you bought for yourself and the shoes. 🙂 I love them. I want to have tons of them. collection? lol

    Kelan birthday mo sis? ^^ para ma.greet naman kta. kahit greetings lang wala naman akong pan.regalo.hehehe

    how are you sis? I've been missing a lot of your updates.. make-up tuts and attires? I have a question sis.. 'If you are to work in an office, ano isusuot mo?' walang uniform.hehehe

  • wow this is such an excellent wishlist! also thank you for stopping by my blog. i have spent some time on your and a i love your eye for good design, the layout, and of course the content of your blog! count me as a new follower. i really hope you will return the favor and follow me back.

    xx rae

  • We always have that never-ending list! Even when we've crossed out some stuff, we'll sure to add more of them! haha. And congrats for the iPhone sis! Having an iPhone 3g is better than not having a phone at all! 😛 that's what I did when I bought my first iphone, lucky i saved enough, and when i got my first paycheck i was beaming like a kid and bought my phone. Well, sooner or later, new phones will come out and the iphone 4s will be much cheaper than before…


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