A lot of people has been asking me about my skin care products. So to grant those requests, I’ll give you my top 3 facial skin care products. :peace: I only got 3 skin care products though because these are the only products that keeps my face acne free and they do work great on my skin. :uptum: Mind you, I have a very oily skin before but now that oiliness has been controlled and i barely have breakouts even on my pre-menstrual days. :heart:

1st product:
The ever famous, KOJIC SOAP. :suspi: I have been using Kojie.San for a year now and this is like the mildest soap you can ever get for a sensitive skin. You can usually get them at Watson’s drugstore. I recommend this rather than the ones you buy on online stores randomly because this is like the most authentic one among all kojic acid soaps available. :pup: :uptum: What’s great about this soap is that it simply dries up your oily skin and it really lightens your skin tone too since it does not oxidize your skin unlike the other skin whitening soaps.

2nd product:
Neutragena Deep Clean Cleanser – I have been using this product for 6 months now. I use it on my second rinse after my first rinse of kojie san. This product gives me a fresh after feeling and it leaves my skin dry all day. This product really controlled my oily face since it was guaranteed to be a combat oil and control shine cleanser. Even though it is designed for an oily skin, still it doesn’t overdry the skin and it doesn’t even clog the pores which makes the skin breathable for hours. :hahaa: :love: You can buy them at the price of $6.99 at or even less on drugstores. :sparks:



3rd product:
Neutragena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser – I rarely use this product though. But still I find this very helpful in case my 2 remedies on top is not enough to stop the acnes from growing. :drop: What’s great about this product is that it works in two ways, to improve the look and feel of the skin. :uptum: It is also perfect for girls like me who loves to use makeups a lot since the formula cleanses deep down the pores and it also removes dead surface skin that can dry or roughen your complexion. It’s oil-free and a non-comedogenic product! :chinese: You can buy them at the price of $6.99 at or even less on drugstores. :sparks:



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