Lady Million; Eau My Gold!

What if happiness were the ultimate fantasy?
What if, in these troubled times and lives that have become increasingly complex,
the ultimate luxury had become self-surrender, if only for a moment?

Mischievous, gourmand, sophisticated, Lady Million is revealing a new facet of its sensuality and imagination. With Eau My Gold!, Paco Rabanne is taking us into a sparkling and celebratory, slightly intoxicating world, in which the fragrance transforms into a cocktail.

And so my new scent journey bagins with Paco Robanne’s Lady Million Eau My Gold. During the launch I was challenged to guess the 3 different ingredients and I picked mango, orange blossom and grapefruit amongst the choices given and luckily I guessed it all right. The thing I love about Lady Million Eau My Gold is it’s perfect for every girl’s night out. It has a very playful champagne-like scent that makes you feel like a real joy bringer.

Lady Million Eau My Gold! meets this legitimate desire, offering an episode centred on freshness and exuberance. After the delicious whims and daring story of the first composition, Lady Million Eau My Gold! is focusing on the concept of pleasure. Turning these words into photos has been the most exciting part for me and my mom (since she’s the one who took my photos here). We both made the most out of my small white bedroom then I grabbed this old sparkly dress and just threw a few gold confetti in to complete the whole “party vibe” and my own sensual game of seduction. Can you now imagine the mix explosion of freshness and joyful sense of femininity?

Lady Million Eau My Gold! is Available in Rustan’s, SM & Robinson’s department stores.

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