Korean Skin Care Products.

This afternoon my package from MIMI & TOFU finally arrived! :heart: I’m so satisfied with their service and all because Mae Hao (the owner of the shop) replies immediately to my messages and keeps me updated regarding my order. The good thing about her shop, is she also accepts payments through paypal which is great cause I have most of my savings in my paypal account. :bib16:

Well, I can’t wait till I try out Missha’s BB cream No.21 tomorrow so I can make a review of it in the future. I only got the 20ml for it since I just wanna try it out first. I wanna see if my skin breaks out with their product or not. :bib9: And tonight I’m going to try Baviphat’s Apple sleeping mask since the product is supposed to stay on your face the whole night and you can wash it off the next morning. :uptum: This is designed to soften and brighten the skin since it contains various fruit acids. :sparkle: I also got a freebie from her and it’s the Holika Holika Baby Bloom Moisture BB Cream (in sachet). I’m not really sure how to use this though so I still gotta figure out how tomorrow. :bib1:

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