2 days ago I have been chatting with my ladies Angela and Yesha about I wanting to have a new hair color (again)… :bib3: So that day I went out with my mom to get me a new hair dye. I have been actually choosing between Revlon and Kolours, but I went to try out Kolours instead because I remembered my friend who used Revlon’s hair color and nothing happened to her hair. So… my new hair color is in Caramel Brown from KOLOURS. :love:

Here’s how the package looks like… and as you can see the color should be as light as this and it should be in brown not in an “orangey” shade like the one I have now. :synic:

I was even expecting my hair to look lighter because that was my goal at the first place… geesh. But well, I still do love my hair now because it’s smoother and shinier than the previous one probably because of the conditioner inside the package or just how the product treated my hair. :bib16:

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

In conclusion, I still haven’t met my goal with regards with my hair color. So maybe by December, I’ll get a new hair color again. And this time, I’ll try bleaching it and get the LIGHTEST shade that I can find! HAHAHA! :bib9: