Insta Life #6


Insta life #6 update time! Well I know I blog almost everyday but I don’t really blog everything. tad-bits of details of my life are mostly shared on my instagram account (@iamthedoll). If you haven’t followed me yet, please please do follow me there. :uptum:

1. Did a mini hair accessory shopping at Pinkbox PH. Just because I’m planning to expand my collection from shoes, bags, eyewear,jewelries to cute hair accessories. :love:
2. Did another random sketch. Wanted to practice more on lines and shadows.
3. Merienda date with my favorite Filipina authos, Mina V. Esguerra. She gave me a hard copy of the 3rd book and I’m still on the cover. Huaaa!!!
4. Reunited with my Styling Professor, Ryuji Shiomitsu at Esotico’s Jewelry Launch.
5. August 1, marked the start of my 31 Days of Style for
6. Got a box full of Minions cupcake from Sweetsky Cakes Confections. I ate 3 minions yesterday cause it’s super yummy!! :uptum:
7. OOTD with mom. Why not? haha!
8. Flower shopping for Il Fiore since I’m preparing for an upcoming bazaar this August. Woot woot!
9. Since mom’s around, she got my hair red-touched again. wooot! :love:
10. #Selca with mom.

Apps Used: Lumie, Afterlight and Camera 360.

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