Hey Sexy!

Sexy. Being comfortable and confident no matter what you’re wearing.

Wearing: Dress from HEYSXY | Shoes from ENVY ZAPATOS

To be a fashion blogger, people may often think that you should have the perfect body structure, skin, face and what-not. Personally, I think that it really doesn’t matter how you look or what you wear. It all boils down to being confident and comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Honestly, I do have my body issues as well, like: not being so blessed when it comes to my chest and being too petite. But eventually, I accepted what God gave me and I feel even more proud to have this body despite my “issues”. With today’s dress from HEYSXY, I feel even more empowered and sexy since this dress really highlights the best parts of my body. I may not be blessed in the front area, but I can really say that I have a sexy back despite my scolio. LOL! And even if I’m short, I still love my legs for days!!! haha!

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