2 days ago I decided to change my hair color. I chose Light Havana over Light hazel blonde (my usual hair color). I wanted my hair to be as light as it can be BUT it didn’t turned out the way I wanted it to be. gah! :sick: I guess I have to wait for another 6 months before I get a new hair color again.

Here’s a picture difference of what my hair color is now and how I wanted it to be. :up2: That’s Janice Man by the way. :heart: So there, I wanted it to be as light as that. As you can see, some black hair streaks are still very visible and gah! it really annoys me BIG TIME. People were even telling me “you’re hair color didn’t changed a bit”… FML! The hair color didn’t blend well with my hair. eek. FAIL! :iii:

💡 Anyways, I would like to thank AMBER and NANCY for the site review. :uptum: You can view their reviews HERE and HERE, respectively. :sparks:

24 thoughts on “HAIR COLOR FAIL.

  • Ang pretty mo parin sis! Don't worry makukuha mo rin yung color na gusto mo. Parang ako dati hindi nasunod ung hairstyle na trip ko. Pero ngayon okay na. 🙂

  • Ang pretty mo parin sis! Don’t worry makukuha mo rin yung color na gusto mo. Parang ako dati hindi nasunod ung hairstyle na trip ko. Pero ngayon okay na. 🙂

  • you still look pretty sis, i envy you for having hair like that. I want to put some colors in my hair but I cannot do it anymore. I have this sensitive skin to chemicals D:

  • never tried dying my hair, it may not match with the skin color i have. 🙁 love your hair color though it didn't came perfectly the way you wanted. it looks good din naman sis kac you have a white skin. *envy >.< i have tan skin.*

    been here with

  • I love the bow <3
    Well, your hair looks pretty too sis 🙂 Enjoy the 6 months of the darker shade then shift colors. I bet you'll have different looks with different hair color =)

  • Doesn't your hair break when you colour it? Or doesn't anything bad happen to it? I was just curious since most people I know do all sorts of stuff with their hair.

  • Ganda naman ng hair color mo sis eh. Hiw I wish na makapag color din ako. Pero hindi pa din allowed samin kahit sa grad day. Ikaw lang nagcolor nyan? Galiiiing :)) Love it.

  • OMG I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR COLOR! It suits you perfectly. I love everything about your hair–the waves, the color, the length. I've always been stuck with straight, jet black hair. 🙁 You're really gorgeous, sis! Quite like Janice Man.

  • sorry to hear it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to be.. and yes I know exactly how you feel when there's still black showing over the vibrant color. I used to have blondie a few months back and when I dyed it black it was a mess..I can see dark brown in the lower inner part of my hair. Actually you don't have to wait 6months. just choose hair color that is free from ammonia thats the one that affects hair so much! Try garnier or true colors. I usually dye my hair every 2-3 months and if done right with care too like hair spa at home that can be bought from watson your hair should be good. 😀
    o sha nag-litanya na ako. dapat one-two sentence lang eh. hahahah. nawili nako.

  • I want to color my hair too so badly but it's not allowed in our school (really sucks). I guess that if you really want to achieve the hair color you want, you should go to a hairsalon 🙂

  • nice hair color 😀

    err… i just dyed my hair about a week ago. but i'll change the color since it's too light daw =/ ayown. btw, you can change hair colors every 3 months 😀

  • Jaaa I want to colour my hair red, but I have to wait until it grows out because it is so short right now. 🙁 I regret cutting it soooo much! I tried colouring it red but I missed some spots and the colour did not show up well on my hair. Sucks. We all have a bad hair colouring situation every once in a while, it'll be okay soon <3

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