Good as Gold at OROGOLD

What would you do when faced with gold?

When I got offered to try out Orogold’s prestige facial treatment, I got super excited! Knowing that Orogold is an international luxury brand that uses gold as their ingredient to address all skin types and concerns, I definitely couldn’t say no to them! Upon arriving at one of their boutiques at Century City Mall, everything was posh and it instantly gave me an aristocratic feeling.

During my visit, their staff made sure I was comfortable. I was free to move around and test their products on display. It even made me feel at ease because their staff made sure to explain all of the products applied on my face.

On the first step of my facial treatment, the staff first applied Vitamin C Cleanser to help remove excessive oils, makeup and dirt on my face. I personally enjoyed this part since the cleanser smelled extremely good and refreshing. After cleansing, they started exfoliating my face with their Multi Vitamin Peeling product that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This step did all the job of sloughing off dead skin cells and removed any dirt left on my face. Afterwards, I was given the Collagen Seaweed Mask to help firm my skin’s elasticity while keeping the natural moisture level of my skin. To end the treatment, they applied Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum to brighten my skin and to moisturize it at the same time. So in summary, the whole package gave my skin a clear and smooth feeling. I honestly didn’t feel like I needed to put my makeup back after the facial. My face was as good as an #IWokeupLikeThis moment. Until this very moment, I’m glad to say that I still have my clear skin which is why I wear less makeup on lately.

If you want to give Orogold a try, you may check and book an appointment at You may also want to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get daily updates on their services and products.

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