Dance Meets Style

What are the most important things I consider when performing?

Recently I joined a dance workshop at one of the top dance centers here in the Philippines – GForce Dance Center. Dancing has always been my passion and it’s such a great opportunity to be trained by them and perform for them. My relationship with dancing goes way back until my elementary years. To give you a brief background, I first started as a street dancer (folk dances) to ballet then later transitioned to hip-hop. I find comfort and challenge whenever I perform. Comfort in a way that I feel like I can express my self freely through body movements like a scarf gracefully blown by the wind. The sense of challenge whenever I encounter unfamiliar steps and trends to groove to. Dancing has been a big part of my life since it really helped me boost my confidence and it connected me to different souls with the same passion for it.

More than just dancing, I also enjoy the luxury of being able to play dress up per genre and incorporate my love for fashion & styling at the same time. Fixing myself from head to toe with every performance has always been my advantage. Knowing what fits me and not is my cup of tea.

Soon I’ll be performing again in a pool of crowd and the most important thing I consider when performing would be a statement hair do! My current favorite hair trend would be the multibraid that I just recently learned doing on my own with the help of Off the Pages (watch video below)!

At first I found the hair trend intimidating since it looked so complex for me but as soon as I got into the step by step help of Off the Pages, I was able to mange to do the multibraid look myself. Since this hair trend requires a lot of scalp exposure, I made sure I got myself covered by using my trusted anti-dandruff shampoo – Head & Shoulders.

Keeping my scalp clean and healthy has always been part of my priorities because it gives me more freedom and confident to style my hair. With Head & Shoulders, I’m beyond confident to move and dance freely without the worries of itchiness, dryness and getting visible flakes which are symptoms of scalp issues without even seeing actual dandruff. The sad reality is, most of us neglect taking care of our scalp (which is skin too). 92% of people take the best care of their skin or hair over their scalp and sadly, only 8% of people take good care of their scalp. Thankfully, the NEW Head & Shoulders has 8x smaller micro zinc particles that penetrate deeper into the scalp and with its Tri-Action Scalp Care formula, it’s better in cleansing, protecting and moisturizing the scalp. The secret to having healthy looking hair even after multiple hair styling sessions, is by simply taking care of your scalp too. By having clean scalp, I definitely can enjoy more hairstyles!

Going back to dancing, I would like to invite everyone that I will be performing on October 29 at Music Museum under Lyrical Hip Hop with Ram. I hope to see you there!

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