Confessions of a Beauty Addict

What makes me crumble when faced with beauty products?

Before my lifestyle blog began, I first started as a beauty blogger & vlogger. My love for makeup started when I first stole my mom’s lipstick from her office desk when I was still 8 years old. I became a show to their amusement park since I can perfectly apply the lipstick without any mirror. As I journeyed through my teenage years, I became more curious and infatuated with cosmetics. With my curiosity, I started investing on makeup products from my own pocket. In those years, you can consider me as the selfie queen who endlessly took photos here and there. With my surprise, I earned numerous compliments from friends and relatives who pushed me to create makeup tutorials on Youtube – and so I did. Exposing myself online and sharing my love for makeup through blogging & vlogging was a stepping stone. I may had failed terribly on the vlogging part but I held no regrets with my past and took everything as an experience to better improve myself. Through years of failing and learning, I am who I am now.

What really tickles my fancy when it comes to beauty products is how it instantly transforms the person in you and awakens that burning confidence. So if you ask me, my main considerations when it comes to choosing the right beauty product is that, it should: make me look better, make my skin healthier and it’s worth the price.

A couple of days ago, I received a very pretty package from #RustansBeautyAddict and #MoetMoment. I’m overly happy to get my hands on my first ever L’Occitane products. My personal favorite among my new babies would be the Neroli & Orchidee hand cream. I’m not really a big fan of hand creams, but this product instantly converted me to a hand cream addict! A friend once told me, “you’ll never know who you’ll meet so make sure your hand is worth the shake”.

Aside from my rave on the hand cream, I also want to share the news that you too can be part of Rustan’s Beauty Addicts by simply registering at Customers of legal age and with a minimum purchase of PHP 2,500, can apply through digital application in-store to become a Beauty Addict member. As a member, you may get all those products and a LOT more, and you can get exclusive access to event invitations and special offers through the Beauty Addict card.

#AreYouABeautyAddict? If you apply for the Beauty Addict Card in the store, you will also get an exclusive invite to the biggest beauty event of the year. Come celebrate beauty with Moet and all your other favorite brands at #RustansBeautyAddict. #OPENTHENOW #MOETMOMENT #CELEBRATETHENOW

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