Closet Sale! #LoveForAngel


As much as I want to share the proceeds to all of the #Yolanda victims, I’d rather give the proceeds of my closet sale to help my friend…

If you were following me on Instagram, you would know that yesterday I officially announced about this closet sale to help out my college buddy who’s been admitted to the ICU for 3 weeks now. I don’t usually do this or beg people for money or whatnot but if it’s for a friend, I would do anything to help my friend.

Yesterday, I got a news that their family is financially and emotionally drained because of the growing hospital bills and daily medicine for Angel. It really frustrates me that I’m not there to be with her. When I visited her last October when I had my short vacay at Zamboanga, I really really can’t bare to see her that way. It’s really hard to see a friend in pain. My dearest Angel has been comatose for weeks now and we’re really praying that she’ll wake up really soon. So with this small closet sale, every purchase of my pre-loved items goes to Angels’ medicine or hospital bills. I know it may not be that much but it really means so much to me and to Angel’s family.

To view the clothes that I’m selling, check my Facebook page here:

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