Burgundy Passion

If it’s not burgundy, my second favorite color would be emerald green because both signifies elegance for me.

Accessories from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS; Bag from ZALORA PH; Top and Skirt from ROMWE; Shoes from FOREVER 21.

Honestly speaking, the color tone for every outfit usually affects how your skin would look. In my case, neon colors would usually give me a very tanned look. On the other hand, deep and vibrant colors would usually give my skin a natural glow and fairness.

Moving on, I have finally decided to add a some PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS on my looks because I believe it adds extra spice to an outfit. Don’t you agree, ladies? So since my outfit doesn’t incorporate any prints on it, a little touch of gold would definitely do the trick to uplift an all plain combination outfit.

Photos by my beautiful Mother & RD Llarena.

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