A Shoe Tale with Vern Enciso

Posted by Rhea Bue | February 7 | Under Blog Feature, Style of the Week

Another week = another SOTW (Style of the Week)! Today’s style is a 17 years old fashion blogger who dreams to be an Ambassador of the Philippines to a foreign country hence the course Bachelor of Arts, International Studies – Major in European. “She’s an aspiring make up artist but would rather do it just for herself, sometimes. She’s part of The New Department, appeared in some (not exaggerating) features and interviews. She models for photographer portfolios and is willing to experience more. She’s very new to blogging (circa September 2010) and would love the meet and learn from bloggers. Aside from being an ambassador, she dreams to be a beauty or fashion editor of a big shot magazine but also hopes to pursue law after college.” as quoted from her fb info page. :bib16:

I met this girl on most of the online shops that I have browsed over the net. This girl has been featured for a lot of times on press, mags and all that! :bib18: With her sweet personality and cool style, I then would love her to be my SOTW for this week! She deserves the limelight! :love:

1. Tell us more about Vern Enciso.
Vern Enciso is a normal college girl trying to live each day to the fullest 😀 haha so corny!! hahaha

2. How has fashion blogging affected your life?
Fashion blogging changed my life big time!! When I first made my blog, I never really thought that it would turn out the way it is now. I made it cause I was bored with my life and I needed something new to do other than hanging out with friends and spending all my time doing what normal teenagers do. My life has made a 360′ turn after I started my blog. My daily routine changed and my priorities changed but ofcourse, there are alot of things that stayed the same :bib18: Like my very supportive family and boyfriend, the people I hang out with and the things I love doing on my spare time :bib18:

3. Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you?
I see my blog as a stepping stone to the bigger things I’ll be doing in the future. I have so much dreams, big and small and the small ones are slowly coming true one by one, even the things I didn’t even know I want. The big dreams however, like being an ambassador of the Philippines or a brand manager for a big fashion brand, those are things I hope to do in the near future :bib18:

4. How would you like to impact the fashion world?
I want to inspire. I want to inspire not just the fashion world but teenagers specifically to get up and do something productive with their lives. With all the advancements and changes we have today, we are used to just being infront of the television or just go clubbing, drink and hanging out friends. I hope that my little story inspires people to start something. No matter how small it is.

5. How would you describe your personal style?

Classic, girly with a touch of trendy.

6. How did you started lookbook-ing? What was your first look? (share a photo)
I only started lookbooking recently!! Hahaha I don’t even consider my self a “lookbooker” cause I don’t even update it anymore! haha :bib23:

7. What is the most important piece of advice would you give aspiring fashion bloggers?
Be yourself. People dress alike now because all the pieces available to us Filipinos are all the same since we all mostly buy from the same stores and there are too much blogs around already. So how will there be space for you at the top when you just dress up like everyone else? :bib18: Just be yourself :bib18:

More of Vern Enciso…

:star2: You can check Vern Enciso’s blog at A SHOE TALE. Fan her facebook page, hypes her looks at lookbook & chictopia or follow her twitter – @vernenciso account! :love:

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21 responses to “A Shoe Tale with Vern Enciso”

  1. seryoso she's only 17??? Jesus Christ :)) she looks really mature, but in a good way 🙂

  2. Ayah says:

    wow. never thought she's that young. pero, ive seen her in a lot of shops na ren nga.

  3. Jhen says:

    wow sis. SHE'S 17? haha! She doesn't look 17 for me. She's so pretty and I love her looks. 17 din ako pero parang ang layo ko sa trendy whatever. hihihih xD

  4. Trisha says:

    17?! Nice nice.. Mature and very pretty. Nice style 😉

  5. Hi Rhea. 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for months now. I am from Isabela City, Basilan and I’m always in Zamboanga and have many friends there. My mom is a Zamboangena. 🙂 I’m an ASSPEAN, too. (ASSP= Ateneo Senior Summer Program). Now, I am in Iligan City, studying in the same school Aya’s in. We’ve met because she’s classmates with my brother. 🙂 Anyway, I really like Vern Enciso. I didn’t know she was just 17. OMG. Her sister’s pretty, too. 🙂

    Floraime Pantaleta’s last blog post..A Tale of Stories

  6. LadySoda says:

    I do agree with the previous comments that she looks mature than 17….but who cares! she's beautiful and fabulous! I hope she'll inspire the young ones to dress up as themselves not as what the society dictates. After all, fashion is an expression to oneself :).

  7. ganda ng blog mo sis! 😀 anyway, she's pretty and stylish! ikaw ba nag style?

  8. monica says:

    what??? 17??? hindi cya mukhang young, she’s matured-looking…opposite kami, ako matanda na pero sabi nila mukhang bata parin…hehe

    monica’s last blog post..DCHS Grand Alumni Homecoming 2012

  9. Honey! Hindi siya mukhang 17 but she’s pretty! Very pretty! And she’s young but achieves little things already! She can inspires young people even us! 🙂

    lalalapatricia’s last blog post..A wild prints transforms

  10. She's beautiful. She's already an inspiration.

  11. Clint says:

    Mas okay sya siguro kung naka-corporate. Ang strong ng aura nya. Astigin!

  12. Belleh says:

    She's so pretty~ I love her outfit where she's in the library or bookstore. Love the shoes! Thank you for visiting my blog by the way. You're so pretty Ate :3

  13. Redundant na pero here goes, "She's only 17, OMG!" Hehe! Really, been seeing her around the interwebs and I thought she's 20-ish already but who cares she's pretty and fabulous and she's still got a long way to achieve whatever it is that she wanted to achieve.

  14. Claire says:

    wow 17? she's so pretty.. is she half chinese or something? super love her eyes and her lips! 😀

  15. She's beautiful. <3 waaaaah. She's 17 and yet she has achieved all these things? Jeez. Her style is simple but has her own personality on it. You could distinguish taht it was hers alright :))

  16. Shekinah says:

    She's only 17? :O Grabe, she's so stunning & pretty.

  17. Donna says:

    She's so pretty and hot. My gooooosh!

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