A Day Trip to Corregidor

If you’re into re-discovering history during your free time,
taking a day tour to Corregidor is something you can consider.
You get to walk through a piece of World War II,
and it’s just an hour and a half away from Metro Manila by boat.

To start off, I want to give you the sad truth. History doesn’t fascinate me and in fact it’s one of the subjects I hated the most during my student years. It’s actually one of the subjects where most of my classmates find me sleeping in because I find more interest in subjects that require me to use my brain or move my body like science, physics and physical education. if you expect me to share a lot of historical facts today, I’m sorry to disappoint you but you’re in the wrong page! LOL! If you’re really that keen to know more about the historical facts, I recommend you to check explorephilippines.org.

Knowing that I’m not impressed by history, then you’re probably wondering what made decide to visit Corregidor. I realized that aside from it being known as the island where Americans fought against the Japanese forces, Corregidor has more to offer especially if you love Instagram-worthy scenic views (yeah, #DoItForInstagram). Together with my fellow #FujifilmXA2 ambassadors, we took advantage of all the possible spots where we could take our OOTDS or creative shots since it’s not everyday that we get to be there. We really got a lot of good creative inputs from each other.

From my Corregidor trip with my Fujifilm family, we were toured on most historical parts like the Middle Level Barracks, Battery Hearn, Battery Way, Battery Grubbs, Pacific War Memorial, Light House, Malinta Tunnel and the Topside (where we had our lunch). Although we weren’t allowed to go beyond some barriers and explore the ruins much further, we still got to enjoy most of the interesting spots.

Amongst the places we were toured, my favorite part would be the Malinta Tunnel since we were given the opportunity to go inside the tunnel and explore every part of it. Being inside the tunnel gave us chills and wild imaginations because. They preserved most of the items from the past which you can touch and see how dusty and old they really are. Not to mention that only a few lights from the corners served as our guide to see each other. There even came to a point when all the lights went out while we were inside a mini tunnel where the Japanese forces committed suicide. Being in that area gave me intense goosebumps and it almost felt like something was following us the whole time. Things became freakier, so we all started running and screaming while looking for a way out of the Malinta Tunnel. My story may sound a little scary; yet, this became the most memorable experience for me, and I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual with my fellow ambassadors. Haha!

On the brighter side of our trip, we still managed to enjoy the view despite the heat and got to play with our new Fujifilm X-A2 cameras. What made me happy about this trip was my chance to use a different lens for shooting. The Fujifilm team, lent me their 35mm f/2.0 prime lens which made all of my photos look so badass with all the medium bokeh effects that you can’t normally achieve with a kit lens. Since I’m really new with Fujifilm, this trip was definitely a perfect experience for me to explore my new camera and get to know its functions and capabilities to take stunning outdoor and indoor (with and without flash) photos.

Have I convinced you enough to switch to Fujifilm and get yourself a Fujifilm X-A2 yet? If yes, then visit http://fujifilm.com.ph/ for more information! If you’re also up for some adventures in Corregidor, check out Sun Cruises website and Facebook for more information on how to book your trip and the rates they have for their tours.

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