Perfecting with Restylane Fillers

Posted by Rhea Bue | May 30 | Under Uncategorized

When I was faced with injections on my face, there was no backing out.

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How do I keep my skin fair and moisturized?

Posted by Rhea Bue | May 17 | Under Beauty

Overexposing myself to sunlight this Summer caused me skin dehydration and uneven burns.

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Summertime in MΓΆvenpick Cebu

Posted by Rhea Bue | May 17 | Under Travel, Travels

What do I always look forward to when going on a summer vacation?

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Style up for Laboracay2016!

Posted by Rhea Bue | April 29 | Under Fashion

Heading over to Boracay this weekend?
Find out how you can level up your style with pieces from the Zalora x Globe Summer Takeover collection!

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Summer Getaway with Kipling

Posted by Rhea Bue | April 21 | Under Fashion, Travel

Memories easily flashed back as I stare at this bag and imagine how cruising from one island to another was so convenient for me.

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