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Posted by Rhea Bue | March 1 | Under Events

84% of women are aware that styling activities can damage the hair,
but still continue to do it because it makes them feel good about themselves.

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Wear Hair Bows in 3 Ways

Posted by Rhea Bue | February 22 | Under Beauty, Style Tips

This summer, it’s time to be more playful with your hair.
Here are 3 easy tips on how to style your hair with hair bows.

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Posted by Rhea Bue | February 19 | Under Outfits

Caught in a day where I would rather go for tees than blouses
and some notes on how to turn a normal tee into something else.

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Summer-ready with Dove Deodorant!

Posted by Rhea Bue | February 18 | Under Events

Summer is almost here and we all want to be ready for it in every way possible.
Thankfully, Dove Deodorant is here to help all women get summer-ready.

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