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Outfit: Shake it Off

Posted by Rhea Bue | January 22

As the weather gets a little warmer these days, I think it’s best to loosen up and start wearing light clothes.

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January Dressing: Clothes to Keep

Posted by Rhea Bue | January 11

While trends aren’t still absolutely clear at this early time of the year,
you may still be very clueless about the clothes to set aside and to keep.
For January since the cold clime is still here, you may still get to use some
of your favorite winter pieces. Read more to see what these blind items are.

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Fresh Start

Posted by Rhea Bue | January 9

First ootd of the year is a mix of denim and obvious summer prints.
Probably the best way to get ready for Summer as early as January.

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Blanc Et Noir

Posted by Rhea Bue | January 5

As a fashion blogger, having my photo taken is somehow an ordinary thing since it’s actually part of what I’m doing.
This time around, working with a team of very talented people in my hometown somewhat gave me a feeling of pressure.
Nevertheless the whole experience of being able to work with Sefi Curada and the team was very memorable.

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NYX Siren Review

Posted by Rhea Bue | January 4

I’ve always been a fan of red lipstick. But whenever I’m wearing a dark shade of lips, I personally think it gives me a different aura and personality.
They say color speaks so much about a person’s mood. If you like light shades then you can probably be an innocent and sweet kind of person.
And if you like dark shades, then you can be fierce and strong. Yesterday I found this perfect shade of lipstick.
If you want to learn more about it, continue reading below.

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